Productions Done

Moksh - 2006
" A Dance for Liberation"

Moksh - a dance for liberation was the first production of SSDC under the banner Prithvi Productions. Entertainment was at peak with audience loving each and every performance chalked out by the artistes. A musical Extravaganza of 2 hours with breath taking performances on various fusion of Indo-Western dance styles perform by a troupe of 30 artistes.

Choreographer says :

"Moksh" is actually his feelings and his thought brought out through a piece of charismatic choreography.The choreographer has adapted Jonathon Livingston Seagle books content and made it live with its choreography.

Moksh is also unique in its own ways by concepts which signifies that, good and bad reside in all but it is we who take a call on which side of the coin we need to follow. Moksh is not only about entertainment but it also serves a social cause with its inauguration done by the kids of Hamara Foundation with their opening performance. Serving a social cause Moksh is always celebrated on 15th August of the year. The dancers are actual heroes of the event and all the dancers lovers are treated with new and unique concepts of dance forms.