Productions Done

Moksh 2 - 2008
"Another step towards Salvation"

With grand success of Moksh, Sunil Sale Dance Company (SSDC) with his team started gearing up for the sequel of Moksh. With Sunil and his team getting more versatile it was time to showcase them to the world. Moksh 2 was just the right event to launch it up.

Choreographer says :

The team had to research and practice for a period of 90 days to pull out such a kind of show to name it as "Another steps towards Salvation"

With 30 artistes performing on various dance styles from Bollywood to Latin, Kalaripayttu to Mujra and from contemporary to HIP - HOP making a mark on verstality of Sunil and his team.
The 2 Hours and 30 minutes of live performance was more than enough to mesmerize audience and fall in love with the event. It ended with a patriotic touch where an Indian ballet giving tribute to Indian Soldiers made the audience rise on their feet for a standing ovation.