Productions Done

Star Parivaar Live UK - 2011
Wembley Arena - London

Sunil Sale Dance Company (SSDC) were now at a point where they had to strike big with couple of productions in their bag. It was the year 2011 was when Star TV India approached SSDC for their International Event - Star Parivaar Live, UK.

Choreographer says :

Bollywood is a fast track industry where u always have to deliver your best within the time limitation. Thus the team had to work with the artistes for a schedule of 21 days in India and with the production team to deliver an international show at the respected stage of Wembley Arena , London It was a great experience to perform on an International level.

Sunil Sale Dance Company (SSDC) conceptualised the show in a very unique way. The artistes were brought out of their regular characters and put into a different shade of jonour.They loved to perform on various indo-western dance styles and the audience got an altogether different look of their loved stars. Thus Star parivaar live was arched to be an event which was power packed by artistes showing verstality of sunil and themselves.