Productions Done

Star Parivaar Live UK - 2012
LG Arena

With grand success of Star Parivaar Live UK 2011, Star Parivaar again approached Sunil Sale Dance Company (SSDC) and his team to re-create the magic of the first season, but this time the stakes were high, expectations had raised its bar and something magical out the feets was expected from SSDC

Choreographer says :

This time we were working with 3 different teams of Actors, Dancers from India and abroad. Thus the team has to make a tailor made schedule to amalgamate all the teams and get something so unique out of it, which was never done before on an International platform.

Sunil Sale Dance Company (SSDC) this time thought of taking bollywood altogether to a different level by conceptulisaing a vision which was such where the acts were given realistic touch by voice overs of the artist performing and music was composed specially for the acts. Lavish props and costumes were used with International and Indian artists peforming on acts resembling a broadway muscial event.This shows that what Sunil has trained puts into execution by giving it an International touch.