Productions Done

Bollywood Evolution for Zee TV Mauritius - 2013
"Celebrating 100 years of Bollywood"

"Bollywood Evolution" is India's first International Bollywood Broadway Musical where the actors are singing, acting and dancing live on stage. It is a story depicting and celebrating 100 glorious years of Bollywood cinema.The musical extravagnza covers the era from Father of Bollywood i.e. Shri Dhundiraj Govind Phalke till era of Khan's.

An Endless Journey

MOKSH 3, a SSDC production , was all about fusion of international and indian dance style in a unique format of broadway musical.

Star Parivaar Live UK - 2012
LG Arena

With grand success of Star Parivaar Live UK 2011, Star Parivaar again approached Sunil Sale Dance Company (SSDC) and his team to re-create the magic of the first season, but this time the stakes were high, expectations had raised its bar and something magical out the feets was expected from SSDC

Star Parivaar Live UK - 2011
Wembley Arena - London

Sunil Sale Dance Company (SSDC) were now at a point where they had to strike big with couple of productions in their bag. It was the year 2011 was when Star TV India approached SSDC for their International Event - Star Parivaar Live, UK.

Moksh 2 - 2008
"Another step towards Salvation"

With grand success of Moksh, Sunil Sale Dance Company (SSDC) with his team started gearing up for the sequel of Moksh. With Sunil and his team getting more versatile it was time to showcase them to the world. Moksh 2 was just the right event to launch it up.

Moksh - 2006
" A Dance for Liberation"

Moksh - a dance for liberation was the first production of SSDC under the banner Prithvi Productions. Entertainment was at peak with audience loving each and every performance chalked out by the artistes. A musical Extravaganza of 2 hours with breath taking performances on various fusion of Indo-Western dance styles perform by a troupe of 30 artistes.